The Archdiocese of Wellington, enlivened by the Holy Spirit and nourished by the Eucharist, is collaborative in its            leadership and ministry.

  • This collaborative leadership and ministry are based on mutual respect, trust, listening, a commitment to work together, and the sharing of responsibility.
  • The gifts and strengths of each person are recognised, developed and supported. People of all backgrounds and cultures enrich and participate fully in our faith community.
  • We share resources, communicate effectively and reach out in an inclusive way as a helping, healing and hospitable community.
  • We build on the life-giving insights and values of the past and embrace the challenges of the future so that we and our world may be transformed.

What an amazing mystery the Church is!  While her members belong to every nation on earth, she remains undivided,   always one.  The Church is both universal and particular, since her members, though belonging to different cultures and peoples, have received the same Baptism and share in the same Holy Spirit.  We are like that group of first believers     described in the Acts of the Apostles; we too seek to remain ‘faithful to the teaching of the Apostles, to the brotherhood, to the breaking of bread and to the prayers’.  Pope John Paul II, Mass in Auckland Domain, 1986.