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Celebrating 165 years in Thorndon

April 2015


Fr James Lyons

Labour Weekend this year is one you shouldn’t want to miss in Wellington if you have any interest in archdiocesan history or reunions.

A celebration of 165 years of Catholic education in Thorndon will bring together Sacred Heart Cathedral parish and school, together with St Mary’s College and those connected to the former Marist Brothers school, for a combined jubilee.

Classes have been taught, and sermons and homilies preached, on the same Wellington site since the first parish was established in 1850.

The same year saw the beginning of an education programme for Māori girls, which has expanded and developed over the decades into the thriving school communities we see today.

This unbroken communication of the gospel message across 165 years has taken place on the same site, Golders Hill, Thorndon. Golder’s Hill is home to Sacred Heart Cathedral, St Mary’s College, and Sacred Heart Cathedral Primary School. The parish was founded in 1850 and in the same year the first Catholic school opened nearby. Education has been offered on the same site ever since.

The Marist Brothers Thorndon School also played a significant part until its removal due to the Wellington Urban Motorway in the 1970s.

A full programme is planned for the 23‒25 October celebration, including a historical display in the National Library, a gala dinner, sport events and open days at the schools. Mass on the Sunday will climax the occasion. There will also be ample time for class reunions and photos.

This is a unique opportunity to showcase Catholic life in a historic part of Wellington and its contribution to the wider society of New Zealand.

The Jubilee Committee would like as many as possible to share the Labour Weekend celebrations. Email celebrating165@gmail.com or visit www.mcshwellington.org/165-years-of-catholic-education/ to register on line.

Fr James Lyons is convenor of the Jubilee Committee and parish priest Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish.

Save the date!

Labour Weekend 23–26 October 2015

Sacred Heart Cathedral parish and schools are delighted to showcase their ‘presence’ over 165 years and invite all to join their celebration over Labour Weekend.

Opening on the Friday evening with a social gathering, the weekend will also include a schools’ open day, sporting fixtures, a historical display at the National Library, a gala dinner and a Jubilee Mass. The invitation to participate is open to all, but especially past and present parishioners, teachers and students.

For more information, visit the parish website, email cathedral.parish@wn.catholic.org.nz, contact Cathedral/Schools Jubilee Secretary, PO Box 1937, Wellington 6140, or call (04) 496-1700.