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Grandparents’ day at St Patrick’s Napier


Jacinta Purcell-Thompson
3 September 2012

Biblical grandparents Ss Anne and Joachim provided the inspiration for the annual Grandparents Day on July 27 at St Patrick’s Napier.

Deputy principal Jacinta Purcell-Thomas says ‘It’s a time for the school community to celebrate and thank God for the gift of grandparents.’

Junior and middle syndicate students took part in a liturgy in the school hall which was shared with 200 grandparents and whanau. During his homily, Fr Earl Crotty asked the children what grandparents do for us.

‘They’re good at giving parents tips.’

‘They exercise you.’ (Though many grandparents thought the opposite was true!)

‘They change babies’ nappies,’ were some of the responses.

Fr Earl encouraged the children to ask their grandparents about their own story and write it down because grandparents won’t always be around and their knowledge, experiences and history form part of our life story.

Fr Earl ended by saying, ‘Love your grandparents heaps. May they be well and happy. Let’s thank God for our parents and grandparents.’

After the liturgy the children sang some of their favourite songs and encouraged the visitors to sing along.

The day concluded with a shared lunch in the classrooms.