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Ignatian spirituality in Wilton


Tricia Kane
4 May 2012

‘I find myself fired by the wonders that science is revealing as well as being deeply inspired by the wisdom of the spiritual traditions of the human family. Holding the empirical evidence of science and the intuited wisdom of spirituality together in one mind and heart isn’t always easy, and yet I feel that this challenge points to a necessary paradox, a creative tension which we must embrace if we are to evolve further into the great adventure of becoming fully human …’

This extract is from the spiritual writer Margaret Silf’s book Roots and Wings (2006). Margaret visited New Zealand last November and opened large groups of people to new ways of finding God where we are.

A new Christian Life Community group is starting in Wilton to follow the Ignatian spirituality that Margaret teaches. Visit www.clc.org.nz or contact Tricia Kane (04) 475 8837.