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Pentecost celebrated internationally

WelCom July 2018:

Pat Rhodes

Celebrating International Mass (l-r): -Jesmy Jaison, Fr Adonis Rancho (Fr Don Don) and Jisna Jaison. Photo: Supplied

Fr Don Don celebrated the Feast of Pentecost at Vigil Mass, Holy Family Church, Whanganui, with an international theme. Parts of the Eucharistic Prayer were recited in Filipino, the Mihi was issued by John Haami, and Mass began with parishioners carrying in flags to represent their nationalities and introduced themselves in their native tongues. Fr Don Don carried the papal flag.

The Filipino Music Group supplied music and cantors. The First Reading was in Indian, the Second in English and the Gospel in Filipino. Prayers of the Faithful were presented in eight different languages and the Lord’s Prayer was chanted in Aramaic. The Communion hymn Kaibigan Kita ‒ You Are My Friend showed off the music group’s talents. The flag bearers and Celebrant processed out to the congregation singing The Power of Your Love. Many stayed to enjoy internationally flavoured refreshments. The evening brought fond memories of the late Fr Des Levins who always looked forward to these international celebrations.

Pat Rhodes is a parishioner at Holy Family Church, Gonville.