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Pope tells world leaders to promote social justice

WelCom February 2018: Pope Francis’ message to global leaders at the World Economic Forum 23–26 January 2018 in Davos, Switzerland, was they must implement policies that support the family and offer real opportunities for the development of all people.

The Pope’s message was read at the meeting on 23 January by Cardinal Peter Turkson, prefect of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development.

‘If we want a more secure future, one that encourages the prosperity of all, then it is necessary to keep the compass continually oriented toward “true North”, represented by authentic values,’ Pope Francis wrote.

‘Now is the time to take courageous and bold steps for our beloved planet. This is the right moment to put into action our responsibility to contribute to the development of humanity.’

The theme at Davos was ‘Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World’ – addressing topics such as sustainable development and inclusive economies as well as challenges posed by cyberattacks and divisive ‘narratives’.

Francis said, ‘we are increasingly aware there is a growing fragmentation between states and institutions. Leaders must confront new and lingering problems and challenges, such as unemployment, poverty, economic and social inequality, and new forms of slavery.

‘It is vital to safeguard the dignity of the human person, in particular, by offering to all people real opportunities for integral human development and by implementing economic policies that favour the family.

‘We cannot remain silent in the face of the suffering of millions of people whose dignity is wounded,’ he said, adding that it is a moral imperative for everyone ‘to create the right conditions to allow each person to live in a dignified manner.’

‘By rejecting a “throwaway” culture and a mentality of indifference, the entrepreneurial world has enormous potential to effect substantial change by increasing the quality of productivity, creating new jobs, respecting labour laws, fighting against public and private corruption and promoting social justice, together with the fair and equitable sharing of profits,’ Pope Francis said.

Source: CNS