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Sacred Heart Cathedral

WelCom September 2018:

The strengthening of our earthquake-prone Sacred Heart Cathedral has taken a small step forward.

The complex includes a Blessed Sacrament Chapel, a foyer, courtyard and Connolly Hall. While structurally sound in themselves, their proximity to the cathedral puts them at risk. A decision by the Parish Finance Committee and the Archdiocese to safeguard these facilities, should see them reopening before Christmas.

‘It’s a small but positive step forward, considering what still has to be done to ensure the safe use of the whole cathedral,’ said Debbie Matheson, the parish’s Lay Pastoral Leader.

It is expected design drawings and costings for the whole project will be soon available, which will enable the Funding Committee to set targets and launch its Appeal.

Enquiries and donations can be made direct to: The Secretary, Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish.

Bank Account: 02-0506-0138488-025. Email: cathedral.parish@wn.catholic.org.nz