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Students connect with community


Bernadette Radich, DRS

Students at St Josephs School Stratford, celebrated Catholic Schools Day (22 May) by showing their appreciation and gratitude for those generous and committed people who serve others in the town.

Teachers Miriam Van der Lee and Kevin Ryan took their students to visit the elderly residents of Marire Rest Home where the residents enthusiastically joined in the singing of favourite old songs.

Other classes wrote thankyou letters and cards to local community groups including the police, fire and ambulance services, the local health centre and parish workers.

Room 5 children made cards for neighbours of the school and were able to visit them to talk about the school.

The students of Rooms 3 and 4 drew miniature pictures of the local Māori myth ‘battle of the mountains’. They presented the beautiful framed artwork (above) to Mary Ann Rest Home, where it will continue to give pleasure to the residents.