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Mgr John Broadbent retiring from regular corresponding

Feature February 2014 Cecily McNeill A lifetime of learning and scholarship, pastoral work and adult education has given Mgr John Broadbent much to write about and Wel-Com readers have greatly appreciated this, judging by the response to last year’s publication of his book, Vatican II: Between the lines. Mgr John has now retired from four

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Catholic pioneers: Fr Jean-Baptiste Petitjean

Church History November 2013 Msgr John Broadbent Jean-Baptiste Petitjean was born in Momant, France in 1811, just before the defeat of Napoleon. As a young boy he loved serving Mass and no one was surprised when he entered the seminary. He was ordained a priest for his own diocese in February 1836 and, following his

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Catholic Pioneers: Kate Parker

Church History Mgr John Broadbent October 2013 Stories of lay women as outstanding public figures among Catholic pioneers in Wellington are scarce. Many women religious came to New Zealand by invitation of one of the Church’s founding bishops to found schools. A Mrs Petre was a great hostess in Wellington and the Hutt in the

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Catholic pioneers: Fr Jean-Baptiste Rolland SM

Church History Mgr John Broadbent September 2013 Born on 8 December 1834 in Sivery, France, Jean-Baptiste Rolland was ordained a priest in 1861. Fr Rolland felt called to missionary work and soon after his ordination he joined the Society of Mary. He travelled to New Zealand via Sydney in 1864 and was appointed to Napier

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Catholic pioneers Fr Jean Etienne Pezant SM

Church history Mgr John Broadbent Fr Jean was the son of a French farmer born in Chanonat in 1811 and worked for many years in both the dioceses of Palmerston North and Wellington. We are often inclined to forget the great debt we owe to the French Marists – priests and brothers – for their

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Vatican II: Between the Lines, new book by Msgr John Broadbent

Vatican II: Between the lines, by Monsignor John Broadbent

Monsignor John Broadbent’s exploration of the issues surrounding the promulgation of Vatican II documents, Vatican II: Between the lines, is on sale from the Wel-Com office for $10 per copy within New Zealand. These articles were first published in Wel-Com during 2010. For more information email wel-com@wn.catholic.org.nz or phone +44 (0)4 496-1759.

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