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Teachers are dedicated, caring, passionate, motivated workers: Ministers of transformation

Peter Bray

In the midst of the numerous pressures on teachers it is easy to lose sight of their value. Teachers are committed to young people and have an enormous influence on their young lives. It is through their teachers that children will come to meet the God who loves them.

The teachers are the ambassadors and ministers of Jesus Christ in the work they do. They are acting as representing Jesus Christ himself, so the message they give is conveyed not only by their words but in the way they relate to their students.

The care the teachers take of young people reflects the Catholic character of our schools. This care is evident in so many practical ways and so often when most people are not aware of them.

Teachers want their students to learn, to come to understand the wonder of this world and the way they can enrich the lives of other people. They want them to push the limits that restrict their engagement with the world.

It is this genuine concern of teachers that leads them to want their students to become all they are capable of being. In their search for excellence they work to create an environment which enables this to happen. They want this environment to be an experience of the Good News for everyone involved in the school.

They are seeking to help students and themselves to become fully human people and pass on our traditions as sources of beauty, truth and freedom. As such they are ministers of personal and social transformation. They make a difference!

This centre spread is a chance to acknowledge teachers in our schools and be grateful for the wonderful work they do. It is also a chance to celebrate the mystery and wonder of their calling.

Many people have offered their thoughts showing the value they see in what teachers are to the young people entrusted to them. It is with a special ‘thank you’ that we dedicate this centre spread to teachers.

Br Peter Bray is director of the Wellington Catholic Education Centre