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The Year of Consecrated Life: The Marist family


Marist laity: a Marian church of mercy

Marists seek to encounter, love, serve and follow Jesus as Mary, sharing his love with others.

Jane Langham

When I discovered Marist spirituality in a Marian Mothers’ group several years ago, I valued its simple women-to-women format for reflecting, sharing, praying and supporting one another. Marist Laity facilitate this outreach among women. I still meet with a group who share Marist lay resources. I embraced Marist spirituality with inner excitement yet peacefulness knowing ‘this is what I have always wanted’ and find it a great support to my faith.

It’s not just for women. Laity form part of our Marist ‘tree of many branches’. Founder Fr Jean Claude Colin and his companions saw laity sharing the three aims of all Marists: growing in personal holiness; reaching out to those who don’t know God’s love; and supporting the Church.

Today, Lay Marists try to respond creatively as missionaries of prayer and action in everyday life. To be Marist is to seek to be a disciple in the style of Mary. Mary’s invitation is to live, grow and share her knowledge of being loved by God. Mary wants to gather everyone into God’s family and she supports us in her mission.

Laity have a unique calling as instruments of mercy in the world in a familial relationship with the other Marist branches.

Those called can make a simple Association of Mary commitment that is open to all, or simply join a group. All groups or individuals can receive monthly formation and we have international voluntary opportunities.

For more information please visit our website or phone (04) 473-8464.

Jane Langham is a lay Marist and works for Marist Laity, Hobson St, Thorndon, Wellington.