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Westcoasters build new pathway

WelCom April 2017:

Diocesan News

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Ikamatua is a small community on the West Coast of the South Island. Its Catholic church, St Patrick’s, is part of the Reefton parish, 30kms south of the town.

On 16 December last year, local parishioners and volunteers at Ikamatua got together to repair and lay down a new pathway for their church.

Parishioner Anna McInore said, ‘As a small church with a small number of parishioners, we are heavily reliant on voluntary work and donations to get things done. Reefton helps out when they can, but they are in the same boat as us, struggling for funds. The footpath from gate to church was in serious disrepair, presenting a serious hazard to our parishioners, young and old alike. Thanks to our donors we now have a new smooth concrete footpath that will last for many years.

‘All the work, time and cement was donated by John and Brian (BJ) McInroe, Ken O’Malley and Russel Becker. It’s a wonderful achievement by really thoughtful people and we thank all those who helped.’