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Young people ponder the essential Jesus


Antonia McBryde
4 May 2012

Have you ever asked yourself ‘Who is Jesus’? Have you sought an opportunity to discuss this with your peers?

During Lent, Marist Young Adult Ministry provided a forum for young adults to consider, ask and work towards ‘answering’ such a question.

Marist Young Adult Ministry, based at The Grove in Lower Hutt, invited young adults to gather in Lower Hutt’s Ss Peter and Paul church hall to spend five sessions working through the book Essential Jesus: 100 readings through the Bible’s greatest story by Whitney T. Kuniholm.

This interactive text published by the Bible Society New Zealand provides weekly bible passages and focused reflections, prayers and questions centred on the person of Jesus and his life and work.

Marist Brothers Doug Dawick and Kieran Fenn facilitated lively debate and sharing on aspects of Jesus’ ministry, especially relevant to the participants during the Lenten season.

The Brothers wish to thank the Bible Society New Zealand for the generous provision of the books so that the participants may continue to draw from in their own time.

Marist Young Adult Ministry has further events and activities planned for the year and these can be followed by liking the facebook group MYAM NZ or contacting myamnz@gmail.com.

Copies of the Essential Jesus text can be obtained from Bible Society New Zealand, 144 Tory Street, Wellington or via www.essentialjesus.org.nz

Image: Essential Jesus participants (proudly holding up their books!) in Lower Hutt’s Ss Peter and Paul church hall during Lent. Jessica, Antonia, Regina, Br Doug, Michelle, Nick, Selina, Paddy, Liam, Alivia, Br Kieran, Esther, Rebecca, Aliesha.