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Bishop Charles heads for India and Laos

IMG_7905WelCom November 2016:

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Diocese of Palmerston North staff

For over 25 years dating back to his ‘OE’ Bishop Charles has been volunteering in India during his holidays. His base is a community for special-needs children and adults, people with leprosy, children of leprous parents, and there is also a much in demand TB hospital.

When asked about his daily routine Bishop Charles said, ‘Just as much as personally rolling your sleeves up and getting involved, volunteering is also a way of encouraging those who, day after day and year after year, work with those in need.’

Bishop Charles also noted, ‘My experiences in India, and more recently in Laos with a school for the non-hearing and non-speaking staffed by Sisters, have made me more conscious of those facing struggles back here in New Zealand, particularly migrant families who so often have hurdles rather than an extended hand placed before them.’

Bishop Charles said, ‘in pockets of India poverty is still about food and shelter but more commonly it is about blocks and obstacles to moving ahead. For example, government schools are free but the uniform and stationery aren’t. This means many poor children don’t start school. Some hospitals are free but medicines, x-rays and lab tests aren’t. Many make one visit to the doctor but never return because the next step is beyond them.’

Anyone wishing to make an offering can make a deposit into this account: Bishop CE Drennan:
02 1248 0642423 001 or post to: Bishop Charles, Private Bag 11012, Palmerston North 4442.