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Archdiocesan Offices

Catholic Centre Reception
04 496 1777

Attendance Dues
0800 462 725

Baptism Certificate enquiries

Office of the Archbishop (Secretary – Tania Halliday)
04 496 1766

Vicar-General (Msgr Gerard Burns)
04 496 1737

0800 825 528 

Privacy Officer

Liturgy Advisor (Rev Patrick Bridgman)
04 496 1728

Church Mission (Chris Duthie-Jung)
04 496 1759

Vicar for Māori (Vacant)

Vicar for Education (Kelly Ross)
04 496 1735

Safeguarding Advisor (Kevin Plant)
04 496 1768

Marriage Tribunal (Louise Kelleher)
04 496 1727

Catholic Social Services (Kamau Holland)
04 385 8642 

Catholic Schools Education Services (Marian Blackford)
04 496 1710

Office of the General Manager (Reuben Norris)
04 496 1788

Property and Insurance (Joanne Gomez)
04 496 1762

Schools Property (Koa Martel)
021 456 404

Welcom (Annette Scullion)
04 496 1712

Welcom Advertising

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I would like information about Mass times.

Information about Mass times and contact details for parishes is on the Parishes page. You can access information by clicking on the markers on the map, or by selecting the region part of the Archdiocese in the list below the map.

I would like information about Attendance Dues.

For general information about Attendance Dues and payment facilities go to the Attendance Dues page (link). To inquire about a particular Attendance Dues statement or account telephone 0800 462 725 or email

How do I get a copy of my Baptism certificate?

To find out about obtaining a Baptism certificate email and you will be directed to the parish which can supply the certificate.


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