The Royal Commission of Inquiry into Historical Abuse in State Care and in the Care of Faith-based Institutions was established on 12 November 2018 when the Government set the final Terms of Reference for the Inquiry.

Members of the Commission are:

Royal Commission response Archdiocese of Wellington

Sir Anand Satyanand (Chair)
Dr Andrew Erueti
Judge Coral Shaw
Ali’imuamua Sandra Alofivae
Paul Gibson

Working with the Commission are Counsel Assist, Simon Mount, and Executive Director, Mervin Singham

More information is available on the Commission’s website

Catholic Response to the Royal Commission

The Catholic Bishops and Congregational Leaders of the Catholic Church in Aotearoa New Zealand sought the inclusion of faith-based institutions in the Commission’s Terms of Reference and have offered their full support to the principles and aims of the Commission.

Royal Commission response Archdiocese of Wellington

Te Rōpū Tautoko (Support Group), referred to as ‘Tautoko’, has been
established to co-ordinate and manage co-operation between the Commission and the Catholic Church in Aotearoa New Zealand. Through Tautoko, the New Zealand Catholic Bishops and Congregational Leaders will participate in the processes of the Inquiry.

Tautoko encourages survivors of abuse to engage with the Commission, which can be done through the Commission’s website

The Inquiry process may be difficult or may be impossible for some. For those who don’t feel they are able to participate in the Inquiry, there are other ways to share and get support:

There are several survivor support groups around the country that can be located online.

  • The New Zealand Police publish advice for victims of crime on their website:
  • The Church has a specialist team to support those making complaints about abuse in the Church and to investigate instances of abuse or safeguarding concerns. The National Office for Professional Standards (NOPS) can be contacted on 0800 114 622 or email
  • People can contact any bishop or religious congregation directly to discuss issues, make complaints, and or share their experiences.

The Archdiocese’s Response

Royal Commission response Archdiocese of Wellington

In the Archdiocese of Wellington the Royal Commission response team is headed by Lesley Hooper. Their work includes locating and organizing archival material that may be required by the Commission, and responding to survivors of abuse who seek assistance, including with Royal Commission processes.

Lesley Hooper 04 496 1756