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Book review: the love connection

Book Review

February 2014

Chosen, by Liz Maluschnig (Pleroma Press, 2013)

Reviewer: Charlotte Bell

Liz Maluschnig has written a beautiful book about caring for the love connection between two people who are courageous enough to explore and be intimate with each other.

In Chosen, she describes the journey of vulnerability required, with all its fears and rewards, as we create a connection impacting on every aspect of our being. This impact, while challenging, brings healing and transformation for both.

She acknowledges how, into the safety of a loving connection, childhood hurts are brought and healed. Liz writes poetically about the depth of knowing that happens in intimate connection.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book to any couple who wants to be inspired to risk greater intimacy.

Charlotte Bell is a psychotherapist and director of Life Unlimited Counselling and Seminar Services.

‘To know
that I am never alone
the Eternal One is dancing in and through me

God then becomes a verb,
a process, a relationship
Expressed in and through all my loving connections …’