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Feilding parish opens a year to mark 125


March 2014

A year of celebrations of St Brigid’s Parish began on 1 February, the feast day of its sixth century Irish patron. The Feilding parish turns 125. Although the first Catholic Church was built in Feilding in 1885 it was another four years before it became a separate parish.

St Brigid’s has organised a series of events throughout the year to commemorate this event and give thanks for the blessings we have received as we look to grow in the future.

The day started with Mass at 9.00am where antique vestments were worn and traditional Irish hymns sung. This was followed by our Catholic Community Fair which, together with other raffles run by the Hastie family, raised nearly $9,000 for later Jubilee celebrations as well as for the benefit of the community as a whole.

Parishioners stayed on after the the fair for an ‘after-match’ function to celebrate the success of the day.

The Jubilee Committee is keen that cost will not prevent former parishioners from travelling to join us for the remaining events.

The programme is as follows:

  • 10 May concert by Chris Skinner sm
  • 25-26 October Jubilee Weekend (Labour weekend)
  • 30 November Ecumenical Advent Celebration

These events are confirmed, but we are keen to celebrate as a parish for the whole year, so do not intend to limit ourselves to these.

We are pleased to hear from anyone who would like more information – email or phone Steve and Mary Morton 0800 505 194.