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Honorary Irish in Hastings for St Paddy’s Day

May 2014


St Patrick’s Day on 17 March was an occasion for celebration for the Caring Companions of St Peter Chanel parish Hastings.

The companions hold a social afternoon on the second Thursday of the month for anyone who feels that they would like a bit of company.

In March the group celebrated St Patrick’s Day with an Irish singalong. Two of the guests claiming to be Irish were parish priest Fr Vince Onesi and final year seminarian Nathaniel Brazil who is actually from the Philippines.

Nathaniel is in his sixth and final year at Holy Cross Seminary and is working in the Palmerston North Diocese.

At Bishop Charles’s request St Peter Chanel parish and St Mary’s school have welcomed Nathaniel so that he can observe and learn from teachers in action and can learn to engage students in meaningful ways in their learning.

He participates in school celebrations, sports events, education outside the classroom experiences and similar activities in the parish. He is  learning discipline techniques, different teaching styles and models of effective teaching.