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KPF Youth joins Caritas Challenge

Prayer of thanksgiving at Challenge Walk mid-way point, opposite Avalon Park. Photo: Supplied

WelCom November 2017: On Saturday 8 July, 25 members of the KPF Youth Wellington took part in one of this year’s Caritas Challenges. The group chose to do the ‘Move It’ challenge, as a 10km walk from Ss Peter and Paul Church in Lower Hutt to Stokes Valley. It was a fundraising activity to support the Caritas mission in the Pacific Islands. The inspiration was to experience travelling on foot over long distances to get drinkable water and edible food and to better understand the challenges and difficulties faced by Pacific countries as a result of climate change.

KPF Youth member Sheldon Pagaura said, ‘My fellow youth members said they enjoyed the walk despite its challenges. It was humbling and we were able to experience what it was like, even if just a simulation, for people in the Pacific. Living in New Zealand, we are close to drinkable water and edible food, which we can take for granted. We offer our sacrifice as prayer for all those in the Pacific who are impacted by these difficulties.’

Sheldon added, ‘I hope in the future, people will get behind the Caritas Challenge. It is a fun way to create stronger bonds and also serves a greater purpose of battling indifference while supporting our brothers and sisters in Christ’.

Kapatiran Prayer Fellowship (KPF) is drawn together by common experiences as Filipino migrants to New Zealand.

Ning Macahiya-Ibarra