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Praying with Donagh


Next month, Irish Dominican Fr Donagh O’Shea will visit many places throughout Aotearoa sharing his wisdom as a retreat giver, theologian and expert in the art of meditation.

A gifted communicator at a simple but profound level, he loves being in touch with people of all ages and walks of life.

Donagh is also a writer and teacher and has moulded clay and prayed with people around the world. He runs the Dominican Retreat Centre at Tallaght, just outside of Dublin.

Says Fr Donagh:

‘The bustling city with the still centre: this is symbolic of every person’s life.There is a vast amount of turbulence in our church and in our country at present. We will not survive storms by running away from them, but rather by going into the still centre.’

Donagh will lead a Day of Retreat at St Joseph’s Church, Mt Victoria on Monday 9 September, 10.00am – 4.00pm.

If anyone is interested in taking part, you are most welcome. Please bring your own lunch – tea and coffee will be provided.

For more information email the Dominican Sisters.