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Social Justice Outreach

Tooting for Social Justice in Motueka. Photo: Marg Jones, DRS

WelCom November 2017: Students at St Peter Chanel School in Motueka, finished off Term 3 by learning about social justice and actions they can take to improve community relationships and lives in our own community.

The focus was ‘Knowing Your Neighbours’. Senior students planned an event to celebrate this learning, and to share it with our community by going to the town Clock Tower and creating art to complement statements about social justice.

The students composed statements such as: ‘Social Justice is caring for our planet’; ‘Social Justice is helping people in need’; and ‘Social Justice is making friends with your neighbours’. They also made a giant banner with ‘Toot for Social Justice’ to let the public know what was happening at the Clock Tower. 132 toots later, the students returned to school with their awesome artwork, feeling great.

Marg Campbell-McCauley, Principal