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St Mary’s farewells loyal volunteers

Mrs Delta Doyle became a member of the PTFA of St Mary’s College when her eldest daughter became a student of the college.

Dec07St_Marys.jpg Delta was an active member of the PTFA and became chairperson. In 1983, Delta joined the college’s Board of Governors.

When Tomorrow’s Schools came in, the Board of Governors was replaced by the Board of Trustees and Delta became an inaugural member.

Delta has served on a number of BOT subcommittees and as deputy chairperson. Throughout her service as a board member, Delta has continued to be the board liaison person, attending PTFA meetings and joining the college staff each Friday morning.

Delta also chaired the committee which prepared for the celebration of 150 years of education on the site of the college in 2000.

Mr Malcolm Standage joined the Board of Trustees in 1993. He has served as a parent and as a proprietor’s representative. As chair of the finance committee, Malcolm has ensured that the college is able to operate in a viable financial state.

Malcolm served as chairperson of the board from 1996. His wise counsel and intuitive understanding of issues proved to be an asset on many occasions.

The wealth of knowledge which Delta and Malcolm have been able to bring to new members of the Boards of Trustees that they have been associated with has been invaluable.

Their support and loyalty to the college is without question. They will be sorely missed.