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Joshua set for new evangelisation


31 May 2012

New Evangelisation is nothing new, Archbishop John Dew told the Joshua Catholic Men’s Fellowship’s May meeting.
‘It is the same message but we are now being encouraged to find and explore different ways to present the gospel with meaning for the whole world. We need to find and promote relevance in peoples’ lives.
‘Its purpose is still to bring people into a living relationship with Jesus Christ.’
From October 7 to 28, there will be a synod in the Vatican which 350 bishops will attend. Entitled ‘The New Evangelisation and The Transformation of Faith’, it will mark the start of the Year of Faith.

In speaking about the New Evangelisation the archbishop quoted Ecclesia in Oceania which says when speaking about young people in the Church, ‘it is the wish of the synod that they be drawn to the overwhelmingly attractive figure of Jesus and challenged by the sublime ideals of the gospel.’

Archbishop John listed six key areas Pope Benedict has identified for consideration:

  1. Secularism and religious awakening
  2. Migration of people and ethnic diversity
  3. Social communications
  4. Economics
  5. Scientific and technological research
  6. Politics, local and international.

We have a declaration on religious freedom (Digitatus Humanae).

The Year of Faith starts October 11, 2012 and ends November 24, 2013. Pope Benedict is encouraging us to ask how we can open the door of faith to others.

At a Joshua meeting you can witness wonders, praise God and enjoy great fellowship with guys who also experience and live daily with pains, distractions mixed with joy and fulfilment, just like you.

All men are welcome to Joshua Catholic Men’s Fellowship meetings, held on the third Thursday of each month at Connolly Hall, Guildford Terrace, Thorndon (next to the cathedral), at 7.30pm.