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Restoring a sense of the sacredness of earth

Adrienne Smith

The world in which we live is at risk.

Earth is threatened by overpopulation, overconsumption of unrenewable resources, the depletion of the ozone layer, the fouling of fresh water supplies, the extinction of the species and an overall degradation of the environment.

Noelene Landrigan rsj and Peter Healy sm are facilitating a workshop at Whanganui’s Mt St Joseph’s Conference Centre on 22 April to reflect on what we can do to restore the sense of sacredness of earth.

Noelene and Peter have been studying the ‘New Cosmology’ and ‘Creation Spirituality’ for the past 20 years. They feel that one of the most challenging tasks facing all of us is to relate our fields of work and ministry to a new cosmology and its companion, creation spirituality. We have entered a challenging period when all our institutions and professions are urged to adopt a more ecological way of being.

The workshop aims to help participants see the cosmos in a new way and to find a larger vision for humankind in Earth.

It could well be a taster for those who would like to explore deeply the eternal questions of life: who am I, where am I, what is it all about?

For more information phone 06 345 5047 or email ssjoseph@xtra.co.nz.