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A fresh take on Exodus

PNexodus_022.jpg Escaping from the Egyptians and getting through the Red Sea were uppermost in the minds of pupils in Rooms 1, 2 and 3 of St James’ School, Palmerston North, last month as they embarked on an Exodus walk. Two students of the school had revised the story.Their teachers chose two kings, one Moses, twelve spies, some priests and God. Others were the Israelites.  The Year 5s from Room 3 were the Egyptians.

PNexodus_026.jpg After going through the Red Sea, they walked up Mount Sinai to collect the Ten Commandments. Moses was up there for 40 days. The Israelites were worried. Aaron said, ‘Let me collect your gold earrings’ and then he melted them. Moses came down. He said, ‘You have broken God’s laws.’ Moses had two special rocks and he was so angry he smashed them and the golden calf that Aaron had carved. God gave him another set of commandments. Finally they walked on and the Israelites reached the Promised Land.