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A newspaper for the Wellington and Palmerston North Catholic Dioceses

A prayer of faith, hope and love for all those

God of all creation
You revealed yourself to Moses in a burning bush and
it was by a charcoal fire that Peter confirmed his love for Jesus.
Now fire has devastated whole communities in Australia.
Lives have been lost, dreams destroyed, hopes reduced to ashes.
It is hard to see your presence in this inferno
and love seems absent from the horror and terror in the bush.

Facing the agony of loss, help us hold on to faith;
In the path of nature’s fury, may we not lose sight
of the strength of the human spirit
in the heroism of firefighters and neighbours,
rescue and medical teams.

God of creation,
bring comfort and reassurance to those
who must now rebuild their lives,
and welcome into your eternal embrace
the victims of this horrific tragedy.

Help us all to understand your call
to work in partnership with nature and
to respect the rhythm of life in the earth.

In our togetherness, healed of division,
may we return to find your presence
in the burning bush
and free our hearts to burn
with the fire of your love.