Synod ’17

The Synod of the Archdiocese of Wellington took place from 15-17 September in Wellington. The outcomes of the Synod were promulgated by Cardinal John Dew on Sunday 5 November, and were published in WelCom on that day. The Synod Outcomes Booklet is available via the link below.

Synod documents

Parish Self-Review Resource
This resource provides parishes with a robust means of undertaking a self-review in relation to the Synod outcomes, identifying their areas of strength and the focus areas to work on.

Synod Outcomes Booklet
(contains the Decree of Promulgation, the Directions and Priorities for the Archdiocese of Wellington, practical ideas from the Synod, information about developing a pastoral plan based on the Synod outcomes).

Synod Member’s Booklet
(Contains summaries of the responses to the Participation Booklet)

Synod Participation Booklet
(also Word document and online link for responses, and Samoan translation of the booklet)

Synod Update 2

Guidelines for selecting Synod participants

Synod Update 1

Synod 2017 Logo

Synod 2017 Decree of Convocation