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Archbishop’s column: a CO-REsponsible church


Archbishop John Dew

Archbishop John Dew of Wellington.‘Together we are one, a CO-REsponsible Church.’

I offer my sincere thanks to all those who recently attended the meetings which were held with the theme ‘Together We Are One, a CO-REsponsible Church’.

Altogether more than 200 people came together to reflect on the mission of the Church and how we best respond to the challenges to:

  • ‘Keep alive in our world the thirst for the absolute and to counter the dominance of a one-dimensional vision which reduces human beings to what they produce and what they consume.’ (Pope Francis)
  • be ‘A church that is called to go out of herself to evangelise – out on the frontiers, not just geographic – but where there is the ‘mystery of sin, pain, injustice, ignorance and poverty’ (Pope Francis).
  • remember that ‘We work so that the pathways of the world are opened in Christ;’ and
  • remember that ‘The purpose of all our work, with all of its ramifications is actually, ultimately, so that His Gospel, as well as the joy of Redemption may reach the world.’

The days were about our mission as Church, what our mission is and how we fulfil it in today’s world.

In the latter part of the day I presented proposals about the possible amalgamation of parishes and I invited parishes and pastoral areas to consult widely about these proposals and to make submissions by 31 August.

Information about these days can be found on the Archdiocese of Wellington website: look for ‘A Future Full of Hope’ – Parish Proposals.

The CORE days, and the days ahead of us, are about our mission. It is only when we and our work are marked by faith in Jesus that we can speak of a Christian mission.

None of us goes out on this mission on our own initiative, but because we are sent by Jesus to evangelise.

One of the great characteristics of our mission is that the mission depends not so much on our professionalism, but on the lifestyle of Jesus which goes beyond what is professional.

At this time of Pentecost, we remember and give thanks for the fact that we are the instruments of the Spirit who alone can move our hearts and make us capable of transforming history.

As we progress our planning we pray that we be helped to remember always that we are just servants of a community in which we are privileged to serve.

We pray to be opened up to the Spirit and to the task of building God’s Kingdom in the hearts of people.

With every good wish and blessing.