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Baptism fun at St Mary’s

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Mary Bennett
4 December 2012

With six baptisms at St Mary’s Palmerston North on September 30, the water was getting low when Fr Marcus Francis came to the last candidate, Liam McHugh, he picked up the bowl (left) and emptied it over Liam to gasps and laughter from the Sunday congregation.

The Year 8 student at St Peter’s is shown here with his godparents, Karmal Dellow and Paul Renshaw.

Liam was baptised with his younger brother Keegan and four other children from St Mary’s School.

The baptisms were a joint project between St Mary’s School and parish. Mary Bennett prepared the children.

Newly baptised at St Mary’s church, right, Liam McHugh, Keegan Renshaw, Jacob Wealleans, Honey-Grace Hancock, Jamie Croucher and Ria Verma.