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Catholic Colleges in Stage Challenge

WelCom July 2017: Students from Garin College and St Mary’s College were among the performers in the annual student-led dance and music competition called Stage Challenge. The Wellington section was held on 1 June at the Te Rauparaha Arena, Porirua. This annual student production aims to motivate and inspire students to lead positive pro-active lives by giving them a ‘natural high’. Students are involved in every aspect of performance – from set construction and choreography to hair, make-up and costume design. Stage Challenge is New Zealand’s largest and longest running, youth performing arts event and this year celebrated 25 years.

St Mary’s College students perform to their theme: ‘Before It Was Ours, darkness blanketed the earth. Suddenly, there was light. The stars shone brightly, water flowed through the oceans, wind pushed the clouds, creatures roamed the lands, and everything was in natural order. We look to the beginning of our wonderful world, in hope we can save it for generations into the future.’ Photo: Project Bloom, Cuba Mall

Garin College Stage Challenge Performers. Photo: Purple Elements