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Church ministry and outreach


 The Tokelauan community

Fr Pene Patelehio

The Tokelauan chaplaincy provides for the spiritual education and needs, pastoral care, and faith strengthening of the Tokelauan Catholic community throughout the Archdiocese of Wellington. This is carried out by priests, catechists, council members and Kaulotu (parish) communities.

Our catechists have pastoral and spiritual responsibilities for formation and the Eucharist. They conduct evening services on the Tokelauan Capital radio programme.

The council encourages support between the chaplaincy, Kaulotu and parishes. We prepare liturgy, youth and Sunday school programmes and each Kaulotu holds a monthly Tokelauan Mass.

Our Kautalavou youth chapter has five youth groups with 20 leaders who plan seminars, youth Masses, and cultural and religious events. Akoga Ahoha is our Sunday School network. Kauwhaipehe, our four choirs, lead singing at our Masses.

We have printed a prayer book in Tokelauan and English. Our young people are growing in their faith and making a commitment to communities and parishes. And as the older generation ages, we need to encourage the younger people to take on leadership roles.

Fr Pene Patelehio is Chaplain for Wellington’s Tokelauan community.