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From the students

‘Teachers are creatures different from other humans. They have all the personalities you could possibly think of. They can make you laugh or even cry. But just remember, my fellow New Zealanders, they help us learn.’

‘Teachers are good because they start games at lunch when all the kids are stuck with doing nothing because they are bored.’

Teachers are happy most of the time but when they are grumpy or angry, they don’t usually get too grumpy.

Teachers are cool because they come to school even when they are sick and sad.

Teachers know mostly everything.

They teach us everything – give us harder work than we are supposed to have. They teach us how to do hard reading – make ‘funtastic’ activities.

Mrs Taylor smiles a lot, gives encouragement and expects us to do our best.

‘Mrs Taylor helps you to take the next step, to push the bar higher. She makes you believe that you can do even the really hard work.’

All teachers at our school are very kind, caring and extremely thoughtful. I think something that we as students very much value is that whenever we have a problem or a situation, they always have a suitable way for us to solve it. Even though teachers can get annoyed and frustrated, they still know how to make us laugh and have lots of fun. Teachers are of great value in our lives and whether you like them or not, you should always respect them for everything they do for you.