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Honouring Suzanne Aubert

St Joseph’s Room 3 students and their teacher Ms Mel Lane have created a herbal garden to learn about Suzanne Aubert. Photo: Supplied

WelCom November 2017: As part of our Religious Education programme, students at St Joseph’s School, Waitara, have been studying the life of Suzanne Aubert.

Our staff’s professional learning with Sr Anne Skleners throughout this year has included information about Suzanne Aubert’s life. This has prompted us to look at aspects of her life that the children could engage with and to connect to her life journey as a religious person.

Room 3 students and their teacher Ms Mel Lane, acting DRS, have created an outside classroom and a ‘medicine’ garden. The garden has the plants Suzanne used to develop her herbal remedies, particularly when she moved to Jerusalem and became renowned for her medical services. The children learned about plants that went into Suzanne’s medicines and in what proportions. Although, many details are unknown as her notebooks of recipes were either destroyed or lost.

Aubert’s native herbal and medicines from Jerusalem were in great demand and sales helped fund the Sisters’ mission. Aubert began her healing ministry in Lyon, France, when she worked as a nurse and studied botany, chemistry and medicine before she joined religious life.

Students across the school have looked at other aspects of Aubert’s life this year as we observe her journey to Sainthood. We continue our dedication to Suzanne Aubert as we learn about her life.

Moya Christopher

Moya Christophers is Principal, St Joseph’s School, Waitara.