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How ‘Walk By Faith’ changed my life

‘Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks for a reason for your hope, but do it with gentleness and reverence’. (1 Peter 3:15)

Mar08Sandra_Johns.jpg In 2005 I, a mother and grandmother, made a conscious decision to do something for myself. I had for the previous 40-odd years been involved with family, friends, parish community and the wider community. It was now time to look at my own life and see where I was heading.
One day as I was walking out of St Patrick’s Church, Kilbirnie, I saw a brochure entitled ‘Walk by Faith’. I picked it up and took it home. I read and re-read the brochure—it was for me!
I enrolled in February 2005 and my life changed for the better although I did not realise this at the time. As the weeks progressed the reading material and assignments started to make me aware that I was not only delving into my Catholic Faith, but also myself at a level beyond my comprehension.
Now that I have completed the three-year course and have gained a diploma I can only express my deep love and affection to all those who have held my hand. It has been through meeting God-filled people, unbelievers, the lonely, the rich and the poor that I have been able to express myself in a way that I never thought was possible.
The greatest gift given to me has been the ability to go deep inside myself and see that I can make a difference not only as a concerned human being and a Christian, but also by showing others that I have transformed my life. I want to share this amazing experience.
Consistent prayer, reading good material, enjoying the assignment topics and believing and trusting in God gave me the inspiration to complete this wonderful course. It gave me the courage to believe in myself, to realise that God has given me many gifts and talents and to use them, as well as to see the face of Jesus in all those I meet, to love myself, my faith and my God, and to stand up and be counted.
Sandra Johns graduated from the ‘Walk By Faith’ course in 2007.