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Hutt school tops wearable arts


Heather McCabe, Madeleine van Woerkom, Alex Shackleton, Emma Leahy and Belinda Dodge
7 January 2009

Ss Peter and Paul School’s Intermediate classes have won four prizes in the finals of the Wearable Arts Extravaganza for the Lower Hutt region.

Dec08WearableArts2945.jpg Of the 20 garments entered in the show, seven of Ss Peter and Paul Intermediate were selected for the final in November.

The competition was heated with over a dozen schools competing. After two hours of nerves and anticipation we heard the winners announced. We had entered three garments in the Trash to Treasure section so we had a good chance and our entry, ‘You Are What You Eat’ took top prize.

Up next was Masked Mayhem. ‘And the winner is Childhood Lego’ from Ss Peter and Paul! Yes another win. The final category was Absolutely Aotearoa won by our ‘Koutahitanga’.

Dec08WearableArts7213.jpg There were also awards for best use of materials, creativity and best model. Madeline Foster won the best model in the senior section. So, over all, our school had a highly successful night winning four major prizes.
All in all it was a blast and everyone sincerely enjoyed themselves.

Preparing for the extravaganza started a couple of months earlier when the school’s senior classes staged the Ss Peter and Paul Intermediate School Wearable Arts Extravaganza at the Lower Hutt Little Theatre to an appreciative audience of family and friends.

Dec08WearableArts7224.jpg The designs created a kaleidoscope of colour.
As we thought back to the construction days, we realised that the costumes appearing on stage were minor miracles. We spent three intensive days cutting, sewing, modifying, constructing, and remodifying, until we were satisfied with our efforts.

We then took a week to finish off and write descriptions of the garments for the show.
A day of intensive rehearsal and now was our time to shine in front of our loved ones.

 Everyone had their time on stage—models and designers who told the story of the design. Once the models had exhibited their well-crafted masterpieces, it was time for the final judging.
The poor judges sweated over their task. ‘Not an easy decision,’ they complained!
We are now eagerly anticipating the next Wearable Arts Extravaganza although teachers and parents are not so keen!

Images: top: The outstanding costumes from the ‘Trash to Treasure’ section gather on stage. Centre: Madeline Foster in her ‘Drastic in Plastic’ milk bottle garment – first in the ‘Trash to Treasure’ section. Above: Heather, Janae and Shannen with Childhood Lego which won the ‘Masked Mayhem’ category. Normal0falsefalsefalseMicrosoftInternetExplorer4