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Minister to rugby

John Holden
3 August 2007


‘I help the players, administrators and supporters. I support people working in rugby circles,’ says Fr Geoff. ‘I find the work exciting and rewarding, as I am able to move in a different world. In addition to that of traditional parish responsibilities, my task is to be available to help people to grow, to change and find meaning and fulfilment in their lives. By being on their turf, so to speak, they can see me as genuine and down to earth.’

Fr Geoff sees his rugby involvement as a way to meet people who are not involved with institutional religion; people that are not in the pews anymore.

‘Being available to minister the sacraments opens doors that some may not have the opportunity to open; by being seen on the sideline, or in the club after the match, is a Kiwi way of saying prayer and that the sacraments are available.’