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Napier pupils create history show from scratch

Palmerston North

December 2013

Aaron O’Neill

On 5 September, the students of St Patrick’s School, Napier, presented a special production. Held at the Napier Municipal Theatre, From Forest to Sea, A Hawke’s Bay History was planned, written and created by the children themselves.

The production coincided with an upcoming Inquiry Learning topic, ‘Create, Make, Do’.

Part-time teacher and school parent Robyn O’Hagan who has experience in theatre, oversaw the production.

Children from each of the syndicates for Years 1 to 8 developed the script Years 1-8. The Juniors (0-3) worked on early birdlife in Hawke’s Bay: pre-human settlement. The Middles (4-6) created the early Maori life and the arrival of the first settlers. The Seniors (7-8) took care of the Napier earthquake – before, after and the rebuild.

Robyn worked closely with each syndicate for a term. Students made all props with parents sharing their expertise and the project generally involved all 340 students and 20 staff.

Students from local Catholic schools, Reignier, Sacred Heart and St Johns Colleges attended the matinee and about 800 friends and family members saw the evening show.

When it was all over, we realised we could do it. We made it from scratch. We made it ourselves. We realised when you put your mind to something, even when it gets tough and the end seems so far away, you can achieve anything.