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New refugee arrivals for Porirua and Palmerston North

Refugees from Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo), Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Burundi, Laos, Sudan and Burma, are due to arrive in Wellington and Palmerston North this month under New Zealand’s refugee quota programme.

The Burmese group is the largest to arrive from that country since 2000-2001. Of that group Chin people have come from camps in Malaysia and will resettle in Wellington, Auckland and Nelson while Karen and Kayah people have come via Thailand (the former will resettle in Auckland and the latter in Porirua). Burma, now known as Myanmar, is one of the world’s most ethnically diverse countries, made up of over 130 ethnic groups, each with its own language. This posed challenges for recruitment of new RMS cross-cultural workers to ensure the new arrivals are able to communicate.

Around 30 refugees from the Republic of Congo will resettle in Palmerston North.

For more information about volunteering with RMS Refugee Resettlement: email secretariat@rms.org.nz or visit the RMS website: http://www.rms.org.nz/