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WelCom August 2019:

Deirdre Hanlon

Celebrating the 184th anniversary of birth of Suzanne Aubert, Meri Hōhepa

L to r: Srs Shirley, Tema, Rachel, Sia, Fina, Josefa, Josephine and Ema gather as two members of the Suzanne Aubert Scout Group cut Suzanne’s birthday cake. Photo: Supplied

On 19 June the Sisters of Compassion celebrated the annual commemoration of Suzanne Aubert’s birth, joined by many inspired by Suzanne’s life, work and legacy of compassion.

Students from local primary schools and colleges, and members of the Suzanne Aubert Scout Group took part in the Mass celebrated by Cardinal John Dew with Frs David Dowling, Dennis Nacorda and James Lyons, at St Anne’s, Newtown, in the parish of Wellington South. Cardinal John said the readings (2 COR 9:6-11, PS 112:1BC-2, 3-4, 9, MT 6:1-6, 16-18) seemed almost chosen for the occasion. ‘They all focused on the opportunity Suzanne had and that we all have to generously share God’s abundance!’

Colourful footsteps made by young people from around the country adorned the church walls. Students joined Sr Alisi to read messages explaining how young people are inspired to walk in Suzanne’s footsteps today. After Mass, Life Teen ran hospitality in the hall with a birthday cake made by Sr Rachel and Sr Josefa.

Earlier that day, students from five local Catholic colleges came together for a Birthday Mass in the Home of Compassion Chapel. After lunch, they learned more about Suzanne Aubert and at the Compassion Soup Kitchen whānau shared their stories with the students.