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Respect, Memory and Gratitude

WelCom March 2019:

Fr Michael Gormly

Drs Carmencita and Leonardo Fulgado with Fr Michael Gormly (centre). Fr Michael accompanied the couple during their visit and exploration of Wellington. Photo: Supplied

Retired Filipino professional couple, Drs Carmenciita and Leonardo Fulgado from New York, visited Wellington in late January. They came with some purpose. They hold a long memory and deep respect for a New Zealand Columban missionary, the late Fr Arthur Price who spent close to 60 years in the Philippines. On a visit to the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Wellington, they presented a set of vestments and 50 rosaries to Cardinal John Dew to honour the memory of Fr Price and the New Zealand missionaries who served in the Philippines. They also renewed their golden wedding commitment, celebrated last September in Florida. In turn, they were both entrusted with souvenir greenstone pendants to celebrate the occasion.

Leonardo Fulgado (80), retired New York City Gen Surgeon/ER Physician, grew up in Tanay, a parish in the Philippines served by Columban Missionaries. He retained strong memories of Fr Price from the days he was an altar server through high-school days. He then pursued medical studies in Manila and migrated to the USA, where he met and married Carmencita.

Over the years Leonardo corresponded with his old mentor who was pleased that a promising youth turned out to be a successful physician and family man. In 1986, the Fulgado family, parents and five children, visited Manila to renew the connection.

Fr Arthur was born in Auckland in 1912, joined the Columbans in 1929, and studied in Australia and Ireland. After ordination, he was appointed to the Philippines where he was to spend 60 years as a missionary. He worked for many years in the parish of Tanay and later served in the urban parish of Malate. In 1966 he died of pneumonia at Singalong, Manila, where he is remembered as a resilient personality, generous to a fault.