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SJ Week resources available

‘Environmental justice’ is the theme for Social Justice Week in the Catholic Church, 10-16 September this year.

Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand has produced a resource kit, including the Social Justice Week booklet entitled Renew the face of the earth, which considers some of the many pressing environmental justice issues in the light of Catholic social teaching. This booklet has been sent to all parishes, youth contacts and primary schools.

In addition, God’s Earth our Earth, a CD-ROM of practical activities for years 1-8 has been sent to all Catholic primary schools. God’s Earth our Earth encourages teachers to inspire young people to think, pray and act within their own community in relation to various aspects of environmental justice. Youth resources will be available in late August.

The New Zealand Catholic Bishops’ Conference has contributed to the Social Justice Week resources, saying, ‘… extreme poverty and environmental destruction in our world are not natural forces, not acts of God, but result from human behaviour.’

Caritas’ research and advocacy officer, Lisa Beech, says that in contemplating environmental issues, ‘Our Catholic tradition brings our awareness of being stewards of God’s creation, having solidarity with the poor, and developing habits of self-sacrifice for the common good.’

For more information about Social Justice Week resources, contact Lisa Beech or Catherine Gibbs at Caritas on (04) 496 1742 or Leesa Roy, communication and international advocacy coordinator) 04 496 1742 or 021 039 8859. Leesa@caritas.org.nz

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