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Sport in Catholic schools


John Holden
11 March 2008

altArchbishop John Dew has confirmed his continuation as the patron of one of Wellington’s most successful Catholic sports clubs, the Marist-St Pats Rugby Club.

Together with club chaplain Fr Geoff Broad, parish priest of St Francis de Sales, Island Bay, he helps to ensure that all those involved with sporting teams—coaches, managers, players and supporters—reflect the club’s Catholic ethos.

This is particularly evident in Marist St Pats Junior Rugby Club for primary school children which applies the principles of the Kiwi Sport Fair Play Charter.
MSP supports the right of children to participate in sport regardless of age, ability, ethnic background or gender. The club promotes fair play that sets a foundation for lifetime physical activity and social development.
By adopting such a policy, children from any situation are provided with self-development opportunities that may otherwise not be available. They receive the opportunity to gain satisfaction from achievement within a controlled, supportive environment.

Junior rugby is structured to make it easy for girls and boys to participate: Small Blacks –(touch rugby) age 5 – 8 years, Junior Black Rugby (easy intro to tackle rugby) age 9 – 10 years, Super Black Rugby (a step to full rugby—safety rules and weight limits—apply) age 11 – 13 years.

Children who wish to play for Marist St Pats should contact the club’s junior coordinator Pat Dunn ph 388 5780 (h), 496 4047 (w) 021 846 303, or Neil Murphy phone 934 3805 (h)

For more information check out the Marist St Pats website www.msprugby.co.nz

Image: The star of the recent Wellington Sevens Tournament, Victor Vito (in red) who is an MSP Premier player.