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Synod 2006 – Salt and Light Together

Lorraine McArthur

The synod future statements and propositions are organised in the Synod Planning Document according to the topic areas set out in the archdiocesan mission statement:

• Celebrating God in our lives

• Sharing our Living Faith

• Growing in Community

• Working for Justice and Peace

During the next few years this synod column will take snapshots from around the archdiocese, highlighting the post-synod aspirations of parishes, pastoral areas, agencies, chaplaincies and schools as we make happen the dream that was Synod 2006. This month we take the theme ‘Celebrating God in our lives’ – our Synod theme ‘Liturgy, Prayer and Spirituality and explore some of the post-synod initiatives.

What is being done?

At present a resource is being prepared, PALS or Pastoral Area Liturgy Support, which aims to form people in Pastoral Areas to work with and alongside Liturgy Committees to ensure vibrant, lifegiving liturgies which while remaining faithful to liturgical guidelines, are bicultural, inclusive, creative, and life-relevant.

The second module of Worshipping Under Southern Skies is being launched in parishes immediately after Easter.  This is your chance to rediscover through small group reflections, the beauty of our Mass.  The theme is ‘Preparing for Sunday’.

Last month two workshops were held to introduce liturgy committees in the archdiocese to a wonderful online liturgical resource called ‘LabOra Worship’. If you missed it, please contact Fr John Greally at Archdiocesan Pastoral Services for details.

At Holy Family Parish, Porirua East, the four cultural choirs share the first Mass of every month – a new direction for them as they learn each other’s languages.

The Central Wellington Pastoral Area invited Fr Tim Duckworth to facilitate a session where they looked at the potential of liturgy, and in particular liturgical music, to connect with people.

The Island Bay parish has compiled a parish Music Ministry resource which can be downloaded from their website.

The Upper Hutt parish held a Retreat in Daily Life for 20 parishioners during February.

Next month we will look at Sharing Our Living Faith and the Synod theme of ‘Education and Lifelong Learning’. If your parish has recently initiated something you would like to share on this topic, please let us know. Ph 4961706 or l.mcarthur@wn.catholic.org.nz