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The teacher a central figure

From letters written in praise of teachers.

Teachers have brought precious gifts to our children’s lives – it seems that the right person is there at the right time – the teacher who brought them love and self-esteem, who encouraged and built their confidence, the teacher who made them accountable and responsible and led them to see their own learning potential, a school environment of respect and acceptance of all people.

Then there is the commitment to vision, leadership, self-development and educational excellence. Dedication and work ethic way beyond any salary, attending board meetings, home-school partnerships, planning, sport and productions after school, the personal touch when a family member dies – all school staff are significant models for our children; we should be well pleased.

Duncan Holland, St Anne’s BOT chair.

Many Saturday evenings they have ventured out into the cold to support our tamariki at Mass. I value the effort teachers put in to getting to know not only the students but also their families and the wider community.

Wendy Stone, St Joseph’s, Wairoa.

What we as parents absolutely value is how she has engaged [our son in Year 6] and then challenged him to do better. This has inspired him to work very hard and the results he has achieved have increased his self-confidence.

Our teachers are willing to go the extra mile for the students.