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Margaret Butler OP

A sense of wonder and awe.

Thinking about Trinity confuses.

One in three, three in one.

Augustine and the hole in the sand.

The fish swimming in the water,

looking for the ocean,

Saint Catherine and her images –

table, food, waiter.

Each tells something about Trinity and mystery

but hides much more.

Creator, redeemer, sanctifier, –

job descriptions –

helpful but not enough.

Father, Son and Spirit –

relational, beginning to have meaning,

but what about mother, daughter …..?

We haven’t the words to express the relationship.

Without relationships I am no one.

I struggle to find myself.

No longer just my father’s daughter,

my mother’s daughter,

my brother’s sister,

my aunt’s niece,

my friend’s friend.

I strive to be separated and unique

only to find that without relationship

I am no one.

I yearn to be alone

yet to be connected.

As each relationship fails to satisfy

I realise, once again,

that the relationship I am seeking

is relationship with God.

The God of relationship – the Trinity –

reaches out in love

and creates, redeems, sanctifies,

calls into relationship.

This God, this Trinity,

calls me into relationship with Godself.

I am stunned.

I stop trying to work it all out

and just enjoy revisiting the realisation:

God calls me into relationship –

with other people,

with all of creation,

with myself

and with the Trinitarian God.