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WYD registration opens

If you want to go to World Youth Day in July 2008 now is the time to find a group under which to register. From that group, one person will register themselves online as a group leader, indicating the best estimate of how many people will later register in their group. The latest date for group leader registration is 15 June this year. Once the group leaders are registered, people can register under a group leader as pilgrims for Sydney.

Every parish, Catholic school and group that has expressed an interest in World Youth Day has been sent the Group Leader’s Registration Handbook as a guide to registering online along with the requirements for being a group leader and the process of registration.

A group should have a name that identifies who they are, for example the name of their parish, school, community, or chaplaincy. The number within the group is not fixed though the recommended maximum is 45. There is no limit to the number of groups registering from one parish, school, community, or chaplaincy. The group leader must be over 18 and preferably over 25.

A group will be transported and accommodated together and have the same catechesis site and language. Each group leader must ensure that all members complete their online pilgrim registration which opens mid-2007; keep the group informed about payments date; and determine group needs in terms of accommodation, travel and visas.

Group leaders should register now: go to egeria.wyd2008.org and follow the instructions. For assistance contact your parish, school or chaplaincy or email wellington@wyd.org.nz