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WYD writing competition

World Youth Day 2008 is rushing towards us—every parish and college will have someone who is going to, helping with, praying for, or contributing financially to WYD 2008.

Archbishop John Dew, aware of the effort the Catholic community is putting into WYD, suggested the 2008 writing competition organised by the Knights of the Southern Cross should focus on WYD.

So the 2008 topic is:
The World Youth Day 2008 theme, received from the Holy Father, is ‘You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you will be my witnesses’ [Acts 1:8]. Explain the relevance of the theme in our lives today, and outline ways by which you can be a witness to Jesus Christ.

Pilgrims must attend a comprehensive educational programme to get the maximum benefits from the WYD events in Australia. The Knights encourage these pilgrims to enter the writing competition as part of their preparation.

The competition offers supporters in parishes an opportunity to consider the theme and its relevance for parishioners in New Zealand.

The competition is open to all, free to enter, offers cash prizes totalling $1000 over three age groups, and the closing date is July 5, 2008.

Details of the competition rules have been emailed to every parish and Catholic college in New Zealand for display on noticeboards. They will also be on the archdiocesan website (www.wn.catholic.org.nz/ click on directory, then lay groups and Knights of the Southern Cross) or you can e-mail kscnzns@xtra.co.nz for a copy of the competition rules.