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Youth internship programme

The Palmerston North Diocese has embarked on an internship programme that centres on young people and their relationships with God, their parish and the diocese building on World Youth Day 2008 pilgrims’ desire for more of the Sydney experience.
The programme was launched during a recent formation day in the Diocesan Centre which focused on leadership. As well as Bishop Peter Cullinane speaking of his vision for youth within the church, there were prayer and presentations on ‘Leadership and Prayer’, ‘What It Is To Be Catholic’ and ‘Christian Leadership’, food and games.
Responding to the various needs, experiences and expectations of both the pilgrims and the parishes which supported their attendance at World Youth Day, the Internship Programme is designed to engage young people in the life and mission of their local parish community, incorporating their hopes and visions and allowing them a place that is theirs.
Part of their journey will take them to the next World Youth Day, but this is seen as part of the wider experience of leadership within their sponsoring parishes and will continue for a significant period beyond the WYD pilgrimage.
Many of the interns have chosen youth ministry, catechetics, liturgy, hospitality, music and administration as their ministry activities over the next two years, with the desire to try new experiences and work alongside those more experienced in parish ministry. Rather than taking the ‘soft option’ of mere participation in their journey to learn and develop stewardship as a way of life, they intend to extend themselves and the chosen ministry areas within their parishes. They will need the support of their parishes and the diocese in prayer and encouragement and also financially to attend WYD 2011 in Brazil.
Those who have been accepted as interns are: Catherine Hughes and Kaleagh Robinson (Foxton); Ana Severinsen, Clarrissa D’Arth and Stephanie Allen (Hawke’s Bay); Ashleigh Fromont, Bridie Poppelwell, David Hobbs, Dylan Solomon, Molly MacKenzie and Shaelina Martin (New Plymouth); Andrew Aitken, Heike Schwendel, Rachael Waldron and Richard Grzyb (PN); Aaron Kuriger, Annemarie Scherrer, Matthew Sullivan-Brown, Renee O’Sullivan and Samuel Hitchcock (Stratford).