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Youth Mass links Easter and Anzac Day

WelCom May 2018:

Nicole Simson

Challenge 2000 organised the 10.30am Youth Mass at Ss Peter and Paul Johnsonville for Sunday 22 April. It centred around themes of service, sacrifice and peace and linked the Easter season and Anzac Day as examples of giving and serving.

This special Mass was prepared throughout April by 20 young people who had worked together to look at the Mass readings, the history of our country during WWI, what the Anzac spirit means today and how we remember and honour our ancestors.

Wellington writer and actor Tim Gordon assisted with the writing of a drama. It told the story of a Johnsonville soldier who volunteered and was killed at Gallipoli alongside a mate who served in the Māori contingent. It showed the effect his death had on the parish, community and his family.

The impact was huge with many parishioners moved to tears. Keeley Grevatt shared a letter she had read at the Passenchdale commemoration, which she had attended as a New Zealand Youth Ambassador and spoke of how she now understood what our ancestors went through. Lynley Goodisson and Te Po Hohua played music, supported by vocalists from St Mary’s and Bishop Viard Colleges, as well as local adults who had learnt WWI songs.

The Mass inspired people to commit themselves again to work for a better world of peace, justice and love and to translate their faith into service and action.

Challenge 2000 group enacts Gallipoli effects on parish, community and family. Photo: Supplied